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Why Use a Specialist Orthodontist?

Because experience and expertise count

There is a lot more to the perfect smile than straight teeth. Many orthodontic problems involve the growth patterns of the face or can indeed be more complex than initially anticipated. A specialist will take into account your bite, your smile and how this influences your facial appearance in a balanced and holistic manner.

The General Dental Council has set up lists of registered dentists who meet certain conditions and have been given the right to use a specialist title. Registered specialists in orthodontics are qualified dentists who have undertaken at least an additional 3 years of full time, hospital based, postgraduate training as a Registrar in Orthodontics, with at least 4500 hours spent solely on orthodontic training.

All dentists are permitted to provide orthodontic treatment but not all are registered specialists and therefore their skills and experience are not considered to be of the same standard as those of registered specialists.

Straightening teeth and creating great smiles is what Specialist Orthodontists do, and only do, all day. They know what to use and when because they work with these tools every day and as a result they can achieve super, straight teeth.

Orthodontists build on their knowledge of orthodontics through on-going and continuous education in orthodontic technology and practice.

So, do we charge more for orthodontic treatment than your general dentist?

The answer is No, in general, we are the same or cheaper than general dentists. This is because we do not have to pay laboratories to provide expertise to diagnose, provide treatment plans and braces. As specialists, we carry this out routinely.

That’s why our expertise will make you smile.