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After braces have been removed it will be necessary to wear a retainer in order to prevent any unwanted movement in the teeth. It is important to understand that tooth movement after orthodontic treatment can occur throughout life. Therefore, to maintain the success of your orthodontic treatment, it is vital that you wear your retainer in the way that your orthodontist advises.

There are basically two types of retaining appliances, removable or fixed and your orthodontist will recommend to you the type of retainer that will keep your teeth in position.

Removable retainers can be made either from wires and hard plastic (where you only see a thin horizontal wire on the front of your teeth), or from soft clear plastic (which fits over your teeth a little like a mouthguard). Fixed or bonded retainers are made from a fine piece of special wire that is stuck to the back of the teeth so that it is not visible from the front.