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Here at Brentwood Orthodontic & Implant Centre we offer our patients a large choice of braces, including the innovative lingual brace system. Lingual braces operate in exactly the same way as traditional braces with one exception - the brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth rather than on the outside. For those who are seeking the correction of crooked or misaligned teeth, lingual braces could be a more cosmetically appealing option.

We have expertise and are accredited users in several types of lingual braces including Incognito, Social 6 and Harmony.

The Incognito™ system is a customised device that is specifically tailored for your teeth and thus each lingual bracket and orthodontic wire is manufactured by our technical laboratory colleagues at the Incognito™ laboratory in Bad Essen, Germany following prescription from our specialist orthodontist. The brackets are made from a special gold alloy for strength making them the smallest profile lingual brackets currently available, ensuring they are kept as thin as possible for maximum comfort.