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Damon Braces are one of the most discreet, fast acting and comfortable fixed brace systems available, providing excellent levels of tooth movement.

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Why are Damon Braces more comfortable?

Damon Braces use friction-free, self-ligating technology, which requires no metal or elastic ties. These ties are often the main cause of gum irritation because they need to be tightened regularly. With Damon Braces the brackets use a slide mechanism to hold the wires, which provides optimum tooth movement without the excessive pressure from metal and elastic ties.

Why are Damon Braces faster?

The combination of self-ligating memory wire and friction-free brackets leads to treatment that is 4-6 months faster than other fixed brace systems.

Why should I choose Damon Braces?

damon bracesAlthough Damon Braces are not as discreet as invisible aligner systems, they provide a level of movement that removable aligners are unable to achieve. Problems such as overbites, crossbites, underbites and other complex cases are often unsuitable for aligners – but these issues can be remedied with fixed brace systems like Damon Braces.