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Children's Orthodontics

childStarting Young

One of the advances made in orthodontics is the value of orthopaedic and interceptive treatments in patients at an age when they are still growing. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an initial assessment by an orthodontic specialist by the age of 7. This makes it possible to detect problems with bones, the position of teeth and facial bones at the ideal age to be able to treat them and be able to plan the best treatment for them by acting on each problem at the right moment.

Main advantages of orthodontics at an early age:

  • Possibility to correct the facial bones.
  • Possibility to create space for all of the teeth.
  • Possibility to correct habits that arise in infancy.
  • Possibility to perform treatments without extracting teeth.
  • Drastic reduction in aggressive treatments in adolescent and adult patients.
  • Correction of serious problems with simple treatments that in adolescents become more complex treatments.
  • Possibility to improve the growth of the face by achieving better facial harmony.

Sometimes the Orthodontist may recommend treatment to start when children are young and actively growing and certain profound early problems are present. Such "problems" include cross-bites, extreme crowding and canine impactions. At this stage appliances may be used to gain space in the mouth.