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Private Orthodontics

Private orthodontic care uses the most up-to-date techniques and offers a number of benefits over NHS treatment. Although the standard of the NHS treatment we offer is very high, this is only available to patients under the age of 18 who meet the treatment need criteria. For patients who are not eligible for NHS treatment there are private options.

Patients can choose from a range of the latest invisible braces, which also offer improved comfort and faster treatment times, compared to standard NHS treatment.

Private orthodontic care is available to all ages and we offer a choice of flexible appointment times to fit in with our patients' busy lifestyles. What's more there's no waiting list so treatment can usually begin immediately

The benefits

  • Reduced likelihood of extractions
  • The highest quality of braces and wires used
  • High technology braces for faster treatment and extra comfort
  • Aesthetic braces, including tooth coloured, clear aligners and even lingual, which fit on the inside of the teeth
  • Flexible appointments, which include outside school/office hours and during school holidays
  • Additional clinical time is set aside for each patient
  • Free emergency on call for private patients
  • Free cleaning pack which includes all the recommended cleaning products.
  • We have no waiting list, treatment can begin almost immediately
  • Improved post-treatment retention with free fixed and removable retainers including one year follow up
  • All private patients are sent a full written report with payment choices before any treatment starts. For this reason you will always know what treatment will cost in total, before you start.

Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to a beautiful smile for the rest of your life.