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Oral Surgery

Here at Brentwood Orthodontic & Implant Centre we offer minor oral surgery treatment which includes procedures such as the removal of broken teeth, buried roots and partially impacted wisdom teeth, sinus lifts and the removal of cysts. Dr. Preeti Shah and her team have worked extensively in oral and maxillofacial surgery for nearly two decades. This has enabled her to amass considerable experience which is paramount when undertaking complex, surgical work.

We welcome private referrals for oral surgery procedures in our highly professional and specialist practice. For further information please call the surgery on 01277 848818 to discuss your individual needs.

Intravenous Sedation

Here at the Brentwood Orthodontic & Implant Centre we emphasise with our surgical patients who may feel nervous at the prospect of having surgical procedures. Therefore, we are an accredited provider of Conscious Intraveous Sedation which enables us to treat even the most anxious of patients in a calm and secure environment.