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Please do not hesitate to ask questions or to discuss your dental needs. No treatments will be performed until you fully understand them, their appropriateness and the costs involved. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, treatment and aftercare. Our number one priority is to care for you.

Orthodontic Fee Guide

Orthodontic Fee guide

Initial consultation

All our initial consultations are with our Specialist Orthodontist, Dr. Nikhil Shah and totally free of charge with no obligation.  He will assess your teeth and provide advice on the various treatment options available and ensure that your expectations are exceeded and you achieve your desired results with the maximum comfort.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Following on from the consultation you will receive a written, recommended treatment plan and outline costs.  Our policy is to be clear about costs and inform you of what your investment will be prior to commencing any treatment.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions or to discuss any aspects of the treatment plan further, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer care.

We are proud to offer competitive pricing for our private orthodontic treatment and offer a variety of payment options including interest free payment plans and discounts for those who pay their fees up front.

Initial consultation (x-rays, models) plan as required Ortho £120-250
Transfer check ups - different country or surgery per visit £150
Fixed braces (children) upper and lower from £3495
Fixed brace (children) per jaw from £995
Fixed braces (adult) upper and lower £3795
Fixed braces (adult) upper or lower from £2295
Removable brace £795
Functional brace –removable or fixed from £895
Habit Breakers/Trainer braces: expanders, myofunctional £595
Space maintainers per jaw £295
ALIGNERS - Invisalign / Clear Step from Invisalign from £1495
Lingual braces from £2000 - £8995
Hawley Retainers per jaw £149
Bonded Retainers per jaw £250
Trutain (clear gum shield type) retainers per jaw £100
Mouthguards £70-95

Treatment costs can be spread out over the duration of the treatment.
Interest Free Credit is available over 12 - 18 months.
5% discount will apply if full payment is received at the commencement of treatment.
A credit card surcharge of 2% applies

What's included?

  • Necessary x-rays
  • Photos of your teeth
  • Study models of your teeth
  • All necessary appointments
  • Emergency appointments
  • Free 12 months after care and supervision

Dental Implant Fee Guide

Dental Implant Fee Guide

At first glance the fees for implant treatment appear to be far greater than other treatment options: such as bridges or dentures. However, when you consider the long term health of your mouth in conjunction with the unique benefits of restoring your function, smile, and confidence, it is a worthy investment and a cost-effective solution.
Our fee guide is indicative of the levels of investment necessary to restore your mouth with implants. However, every patient is unique as we would always recommend you book a no obligation, free initial consultation to discuss your aspirations after which we can provide you with a detailed report and exact costs.

Our prices are completely transparent and represent a fixed fee for the Entire treatment with no hidden costs.

Dental Implant Fee Guide

Clinical Dental Implant Consulation
Clinical Dental Implant Assessment including DPT Scan Free
Complete Tooth Replacement
Single Titanium dental implant restored with abutment and porcelain crown £1900
Multiple Titanium dental implants restored with abutment and porcelain crowns From £1800 each
Additional porcelain crown/bridge units From £400
Full arch restorations
Detachable implant – supported overdenture From £5000
Fixed implant supported denture/bridge From £7500
Fixed implant supported porcelain & metal bridge From £8000

A definite price and treatment plan will be produced after the dental implant consultation is performed. Payment Terms:

The fees for the treatment are charged over the treatment period and incur 0% interest.

If you would like any further information or advice or would like to book a free consultation to discuss Dental Implants, please call on 01277 848818.

Oral Surgery Fee Guide

Oral Surgery Fee Guide

Here at Brentwood Orthodontic Implant Centre we offer minor oral surgery treatment which includes procedures such as the removal of broken teeth, buried roots and partially impacted wisdom teeth, sinus lifts and the removal of cysts.

Dr. Preeti Shah and her team have worked extensively in oral and maxillofacial surgery for nearly two decades. This has enabled her to amass considerable experience which is paramount when undertaking complex, surgical work.

We are an accredited specialist provider of minor oral surgery for the South West Essex PCT and, therefore, we take NHS oral surgery referrals from Basildon Hospital. We also welcome private referrals for oral surgery procedures in our highly professional and specialist practice.

The range of oral surgery procedures undertaken are listed below

Surgical Tooth Extraction £90
Surgical Extraction of Wisdom Tooth £150
Onlay Block Graft/Block Bone Graft £650
Socket Preservation £500
Sinus Lift Lateral Window £650
Sinus Lift Summer’s technique £300
Apicectomy £200
Guided bone regeneration £500
Intraveous Sedation £200

Payment Terms: The fees for the treatment are charged over the treatment period and incur 0% interest.

For further information please call the surgery on 01277 848818 to discuss your individual needs.

Paediatric Service Fee Guide

Paediatric Service Fee Guide

Consultation (X-Rays, Reports) £140
Half Hour Treatment Fee £70
Sedation £120
Crowns (per tooth) £160
Endodontics Treatment (per tooth) £100